The body of Savoia Americano Rosso follows the traditional style of vino aperitivo from Turin, Piemonte that combines fresh and dry aromatic herbs such as Artemisia and Gentian Root for a distinguished ‘Amaro Dolce’ taste.

It is the blend of both Gentian Root and Bitter Orange peel that is central to the ‘Americano’ style.


The heart of Savoia Americano takes inspiration from the authentic c.1897 recipe for ‘Bitter di Milano’ adding mouth-watering Orange, Cinnamon, Rhubarb, Cassia wood and Cascarilla.



Having spent over fifteen years travelling the world, educating bartenders and consumers on the then little known category of Vermouth. Giuseppe played a fundamental role in bringing it back as one of the main trends for the bar industry worldwide. 

Today Giuseppe is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in Italian spirits, bitters & liqueurs.


The unmistakable personality, taste and traditions of the South are captured with the addition of the ‘Victory Wine’ Marsala which has been rested in oak barrels for fourteen months to enhance the complexity and delicate flavours of vanilla and hazelnut.

The Semi-Secco (demi-sec) Marsala Fine style brings balance with the Amaro-Dolce character of Savoia Americano.


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